by Alicia Fleissig Magal (Author)


From Miracle to Miracle: A Story of Survival documents the true-life drama of a young Polish woman's story of survival during the Holocaust. Each chapter is narrated through the lens of her daughter, whose life was deeply impacted by her mother's experiences. This is the gripping account of a young Polish-Jewish woman and her determination to live through the horrors of the Holocaust. This narrative is told through the perspective of the survivor's daughter, whose childhood in America was impacted by her mother's stories, revealed in fragments at unexpected moments. As an adult, Alicia Fleissig Magal, the elder child of Nika Kohn Fleissig, began piecing these disconnected scenes together into a chronological record of her mother's many suspenseful escapes from death. The writing process became a cathartic and freeing experience for the author and enabled her to separate from the powerful presence of her heroic, artistic mother, allowing her to access her own inner strength. This is a story of empowerment, hope, and healing for all generations.


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At 97 years Old Nika is still a force of nature. she is Anble to capture an audiance of all ages and share inspiring and  courages stories of her life that uplifts and encourages those in need of guidance. 

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